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Creative Director/Queen of Arts

Kelli J. Pearson

Kelli started her graphic design career after graduating from college in 1982 with a BA in Commercial Graphic Design. Kelli’s 35+ years of experience includes the creation of corporate branding, custom illustration advertising, web development, 2D game art, GUI/UX Interface design, and of course the creation of these ever so popular cartography/caricature maps.

Kelli grew up in the bay area and spent a lot of her time boating in the Delta, now an avid wakeboarder, she was happy to combine both her hobby with her profession by creating one of her recent maps, the Delta Boating & Navigation Map

In the early to mid 90's, Kelli was the Lead Artist with Sega of America, ESPN 2 Games, and MAXIS. While at MAXIS, she played a significant role in the development of the # 1 selling video and computer game SimCity2000. In 2000, she combined her creative background with her solid business sense by founding DownTown2.com (the company that created previous city cartoon maps). Now owner and founder of MapCo Marketing, she is excited to bring to you these wonderful map products of MapCo Marketing.